Announcing The First Academix Album

Academix, the contemporary a cappella band based in Woking are pleased to announce the release of our first EP, “If You Never Try, You’ll Never Know”.

Academix sing pop and jazz classics from the present day back to the 1930s, inspired by the surge in close harmony singing seen in the Pitch Perfect movies, TV programmes such as the BBC’s Pitch Battle and Sky’s Ultimate A Cappella, and the London A Cappella Festival curated by The Swingles.   Academix have performed at concerts, festivals, weddings and parties throughout the south-east of the UK.  They have also appeared on BBC Radio and (for half a second) in the opening credits of Gareth Malone’s series The Naked Choir.

The EP features five of the bands favourite songs, with a cappella arrangements of songs by Madonna, The Buggles, Coldplay, The Real Group, and Kim Wilde.  Recorded in Woking, mixed in Nashville, and mastered in France, the EP demonstrates this versatile and entertaining band at their very best.   The band gratefully acknowledges the help of Danny Ozment at Emerald City Productions, Myles Eastwood at Eastwood Records, and Matt Leger in the production of the EP.

The album can be found on Spotify, Apple MusiciTunes, Amazon (UK and US), Google Play, and Deezer.  The CD can also be purchased directly from the band’s web page.

Academix will next be appearing live in a charity concert at the Electric Theatre in Guildford on Sunday June 3rd, and at Guildford Fringe on Friday July 27th at the Star Inn.  They can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud.

Woking, 15th March 2018