Take two men, add three women, shake well …

Here’s a great review of our show at the Guildford Fringe in July, from the Surrey Advertiser.

academix-guildford-fringe-review-2016-07-22 “Delightful evening’s entertainment by talented quintet”

Take two men, add three women, shake well and wait for the result – which turns out to be great entertainment.

The Academix a Capella is a talented quintet whose repertoire ranges over 60 years of popular music with, very occasionally, a trip even further back – the the Andrews Sisters and Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree.

The only thing missing was their army uniforms.  Instead we had a red and black theme, and at The Star on Sunday, as part of the Guildford Fringe Festival, they gave the full house a delightful evening’s entertainment, filling the small upstairs room with glorious sound.

The men provided the backing group.  Not with musical instruments.  With their voices.  If you closed your eyes, you’d swear there was a double bass on stage.  Plus a guitar, a set of drums and the occasional violin.

We had Coldplay, we had Abba, we had The Beatles, we had rap.  We had a plaintive folk song from Lord Of The Rings pulling at the heartstrings and an impromptu ditty inspired by the audience, who supplied three words: chicken, melody, and would you believe it, miaow.

We even had one number sung without the ubiquitous mikes, which sounded so good it made me wonder why they bothered with amplification at all.

The last number (an encore) was another golden oldie, Goodnight Sweetheart It’s Time To Go.  And it was, regretfully, because the audience, with an age spread of eight to 80, had had a great time.

Margaret Burgess